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Blackview New Zealand is a professional company providing the very latest technology Smartphones available through Blackview Authorised Resellers (*BAR* 's).

Please find a number of frequently asked questions below to assist you with any queries.  We update our FAQs with recurring customer queries as they arise.

Blackview 12 Month Warranty:

• All Blackview Smartphones purchased from our Blackview Authorised Resellers (*BAR*), in New Zealand are covered by a 12 month warranty.

• Only  Blackview Smartphones purchased from a *BAR* - Blackview Authorised Reseller are covered under warranty
• Blackview New Zealand Warranty is only offered through a *BAR*

• Blackview New Zealand wil not support or offer a warranty for products not purchased through a *BAR* - Buyer beware / Caveat Emptor!.

• We only supply spare parts for warranty reapirs to *BAR* - Blackview Authorised Resellers/Service centres

• We do not supply spare parts to non authorised shops and we track all sales in a specialised data base - we know the phones our *BAR* Blackview Authorised Resellers have sold and can identify them easily.

• If your phone develops a problem - contact the *BAR* Authorised Resseller where you purchased the Smartphone - we will look after your warranty claim through the *BAR* Blackview Authorised Reseller.

• You will need to retain your receipt for proof of purchase to claim any warranty.

• If your Blackview Smartphone has not been purchased legitmately through a *BAR* - Blackview Authorised Reseller please do not contact us - we can not help you.

Are Blackview Mobile Phones Unlocked ?

All Black view Smartphones are Country  *UNLOCKED* for Global use

Will Blackview Phones work on all Mobile Networks in New Zealand?

We recommend 2 Degress and Vodafone networks as they operate a well developed 4G / LTE network. Most Blackview mobile phones that Blackview New Zealand markets are 4G / LTE models designed to work on 2 Degrees and Vodafone frequencies.  The Spark network operates on different frequencies that vary across the country - from city to rural locations. We are working to develop modles that willl work on Spark and hope to advise a range of phones for this network in the future.

Where are Blackview Smartphones made?

Blackview Smartphones are made in China where all 90% of all Smartphones are made including the two leading brands in the world.

The leading four smartphone barands in the world are made in China.  China has 1.5 Billion Smartphone users, Blackview provides Smartphones to the Asia Pacific, South American, North American, European, Middle East and African markets. 

Is my Blackview Smartphone covered by Warranty in New Zealand?

Yes when you purchase any Blackview product from our web site or Blackview Authorised Resellers - *BAR* dealer base, we date and time stamp the purchase for warranty purposes. 

We have a permanent record of your purchase on our servers and this information is backed up securely. (We do not store or keep any Credit Card information).

Blackview are covered by a 12 month warranty in New Zealand - as long as they are purchased from Blackview New Zealand Ltd or our Resellers (*BAR*) throughout the country.

Is any Blackview Mobile Phone covered by Warranty in New Zealand?

No, only the Smartphones sold from Blackview New Zealand or its Resellers (*BAR*) - Blackview Authroised Resellers are covered by our warranty.

Blackview phones purchased overseas or from shops that are not identified as *BAR* are not covered by Blackview New Zealand Ltd. 

Blackview New Zealand tracks all phones that we sell in New Zealand and offers a 12 month warranty only on the phones and devices that Blackview NZ and its *BAR's* Ltds sell in New Zealand.

Warranty details are registered in our web site when you purchase your Smartphone to assist you with any warranty claim.

How will my Blackview Mobile Phone arrive?

Blackview New Zealand pre-configures and tests all devices before shipping - so you can use your mobile device immediately - just by inserting a 2 Degress or Vodafone Sim card.

Who will deliver my Smartphone/Phablet?

Computerz and More Ltd acting as a BAR uses Fastway Couriers NZ to deliver to you - all packages are signature required and are track and traceable.

What is Dual SIM/ Dual Standby?

Blackview phones come with the option to use two SIM cards - if you want to.  You don't have to...but there are many people who like one number for their business and another number for their private lives.

Blackview has enabled you to choose what you want to do.

There are diferent designs for dual SIM cards - Blackview's design enables you to install 2 Sim cards and use them as you choose.

Under *settings* in the main phone menu  - SiM cards - you simply coose how you want the Sim cards to fucntion - its a simple tick box menu option that lets you choose how the SIM cards will work in your Phone.

Dual SIM/DUal Standby means you can choose whcih SIM does whatever you prefer, or use both SIMs to do everything.

Generally most people leave both SIM cards on and choose what to use as they make phone calls or text people.

If you buy an Ultra Plus or Omega Pro model you can not use a memory card and two SIM cards - you can only use a Memory Card with 1x SIM card. (there are only 2 slots available on the SIM/Memory Card  caddy)


Why do I lose access to one sim when I upgrade my Memory Card on Omega Pro and Ultra Plus Smartphones ?

Both these smartphones have the same 2 SIM configuration as our other models however when the memory is upgraded from the base 16GB using a memory card the additional SIM card slot hosts the memory card - displacing the Second SIM card .

You cannot operate 2 SIMs and a memory card in the *Omega-Pro* or the *Ultra-Plus* models - You can operate 2 Sims or a SIM and a Memory card.

If you want 2 SIMs and additional memory capacity you can use our OTG plug to store phots or videos to a USB memory stick at any capacity you choose. (currently Blackview NZ does not sell MUSB memory sticks.  We supply a free OTG cables with the Omega-Pro and the Ultra-Plus models for this purpose.

If you need 2 SIMs and larger memory capacity the BV2000 and Alife P1 models support 2 SIM card and a memory card.

Blackview NZ can provide OTG cables to enable storage to a USB memory stick.


Is it cheaper to purchase my Blackview smartphone overseas?

We have priced our range of Blackview Smartphones to be "good value" for Kiwis.  If you purchase any of our range of smartphones on an overseas website you will pay GST, Freight and if something goes wrong you will have to send your phone back to the website vendor. You will incur additional costs that could be up to USD$100 or more.

A lot of the freight free websites are only freight free to America they will charge up to USD$40  to ship to you in New Zealand

We believe that you will receive better value through Blackview New Zealand Ltd as our price has no hidden costs.

Blackview NZ tracks all phones sold in New Zealand and will only provide a warranty for the phones we have sold through our *BAR*'s.

Referencing our data base we know immediately if a smartphone has been purchased overseas.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact Ian Sambrook - owner of Computerz and More Ltd

Cell 0272588879

Landline 068672667

Fax 068672668

Email -